Good Living Room Colors 2


Astonishing good living room colors 2 is the best choice Pics on painting a small living room a dark color can be helpful it camouflages the fact that its small and ups the cozy vibes bonus navy blue is totally timeless, eclectic elegance the color palette in this living room includes shades of turquoise jade green and yellowgreen for a cohesive and sophisticated look rate my space user merskine unifies her eclectic mix of furniture from craigslist by painting the wood pieces a bright white and using an analogous color palette, if you want a living room thats worthy of showing up in a home décor magazine you need to start with a good color scheme its not all about the color you choose for the wall you want a look thats wellbalanced throughout the space paying careful attention to how colors in the furniture floors walls and artwork all complement each other, use color to highlight existing architecture or to add interest to a room without architectural features need help choosing living room paint colors dont worry

Paint Color Ideas For Living Room Accent Wall

in this living room the wall color can skew purple or blue depending on the light which gives the room an ethereal glow the blue properties of the wall color are picked up in the drapes upholstery and accent pillows and are complemented by soft green, if you opt for a light blue as the primary color in a room balance it with warm hues for the furnishings and fabrics to encourage relaxation in social areas such as family rooms living rooms or large kitchens consider warmer blues such as periwinkle or bright blues such as cerulean or turquoise


in order to identify the best paint colors for a living room you must first identify its primary occupants and special functions if your family has young children heavy duty house paint designed to undergo frequent cleanings may be the best choice for your space, let the vibes flow from roomtoroom with another clever paint tip i often paint a home one color throughout says susana simonpietri interior designer and cofounder of chango co, c feng shui living room colors 1 12 color rules the choice of colors depends on the position of the living room in relation to the house avoid dark colors in the living room dark colors tend to draw bad luck and add a sense of gloom to the space black and blue work well on the north side of the living room, give your living room a touch of earthen colors with this color scheme featuring familiar colors of greys browns greens browns whites and yellow a majority of the walls are done in a good blend of clover and finch green similar to olives with a dash of offwhitegrey colors to accent corners

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